Article 1 - General clause
Our services and / or sales are governed by these Terms prevail over any purchase conditions, unless exemption formal and express our part.
The information contained in catalogs or advertising of AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. are indicative and not binding contractually our society.
Exchange operations of aircraft components are governed by the provisions of the exchange order and valid agreement that accompanies the documentary business and technical appendices associated with operation of redemption by AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. and sale of aircraft component for the benefit of the buyer.

Article 2 – Confidentiality
Studies, plans, drawings, catalogs and documents delivered or sent by AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. remain our property and may not be disclosed to third parties under any reason whatsoever without the express prior consent of AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. 

Article 3 - Formation of contract
When a quote is established by AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc., it does constitute the particular requirements for the conditions that modify or complete these terms and conditions.
For orders received from the purchaser, it shall be deemed finally accepted by AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. after written acceptance by us on a purchase order acknowledgment. It is this which will be acceptance in this case special conditions.

Article 4 - Supply and Transport
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is deemed to be made in our local according to Incoterm Exworks (reference ICC 1990).
If delivery is delayed for any reason beyond AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc., It will be deemed to have occurred on the agreed date, without prejudice in damages.
It is the responsibility of the buyer, unless otherwise specified, to ensure the costs and risks of transportation of goods sold.

Article 5 - Retention of title

In accordance with Article L621-122 of the Commercial Code, AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. expressly reserves ownership of delivered goods until full payment, interest and costs.
This retention of property contained inment perfectly legible characters in the left margin of the visa signed the invoices issued by AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. 
The customer is deemed to accept the retention of property upon transfer of the enjoyment of the asset.

AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. retains ownership of the goods sold until payment of the full price in principal and accessories. The delivery of an instrument creating an obligation to pay (bill, check or other) shall not constitute payment under this clause. Non-payment of a shell of what deadlines may result in claims of property. These provisions do not prevent the transfer to the buyer upon delivery, risk of loss and damage of goods sold and the damage they could cause.

Pursuant to Article 1137 of the Civil Code, the buyer from the obligation to ensure the preservation of the thing as full ownership it is not transmitted.

The buyer is entitled, under the normal operation of its business, to resell, install, assemble, or incorporate the goods delivered tell. But he cannot pledge or encumber the collateral, or transfer the property as security.
In case of resale, installation, assembly or incorporation into a finished product, the buyer agrees to pay immediately AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. part of the price remaining due.
In the absence and in case of accidental resale, the buyer agrees to immediately notifyately AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. to enable it to exercise its right to any claim against the purchaser.

The buyer is entitled under the normal operation of its facility to process the goods delivered.
When processed, the buyer agrees to immediately pay the seller the remaining part of the price due.
The buyer immediately sells the property of the object resulting from the transformation to ensure the rights of AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc.
In case of seizure, placement under security interest or any other third party intervention, the buyer must immediately notify AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc.; Authorization processing is withdrawn automatically in case of bankruptcy or liquidation.

Under the conditions specified in Article L122-14 of the Code of Civil Aviation, AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. his capacity as the project owner and subrogated to the rights of the subcontractor has the privilege of Conservative for all benefits payable by the purchaser, without this calling into question the enforceability of settlements reached and / or the right to terminate the contract as stipulated in Article 8 hereof.

Article 6 
In accordance with Article L441-3 of the Commercial Code, bills AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. mention the names of the parties and their addresses, the date of sale or service delivery, quantity, precise denominator ion, and unit price excluding VAT of sales and services rendered and any reduction Price acquired at the date of the sale or delivery of services and directly related to the transaction of sale or service delivery.
In accordance with Article L441-6 of the Commercial Code, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of sale or mentioned in the header of invoices or expressly agreed between the parties, the period of rulement of amounts due is attached to the thirtieth day the date of reception of goods or performance of the service requested.

6.2 Rate of interest penalties for late
According to law No. 92-1442 of 31 December 1992 settlement terms stipulate the conditions of application and the interest rate of liquidated damages due the day following the settlement date on the invoice if the amounts due are paid after that date. Unless otherwise provided, the penalty rate for late payment is one-half times the legal interest rate. The delay penalties are payable without necessity of a reminder.

Article 7 – Warranty
In terms of warranty, "AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc." affects the terms and provisions of its suppliers.
In no event "AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc." may be involved in the damage or caused by an aircraft when a discharge paper or declaration of conformity issued by a third party are issued with the said member.
In other cases, "AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc." rejects any liability for the product.
"AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc." warrants only that the element/part does not come from a military, government surplus or stock, and has never been involved in a major disaster (D clause of the statement of conformance).

Article 8 - Termination clause of right
In case of breach of contract by one party, the current contract will be automatically terminated in favor of the other party without prejudice to the damages that might be claimed to the defaulting party.
The resolution shall take effect eight calendar days after sending a notice remained unsuccessful.

Article 9 - Settlement of disputes, responsibilities and waiver

Any dispute relating to this sale, even if a warranty or multiple defendants shall failing agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Montreal (Province of Quebec) Canada.
Co-contracting parties with AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. are in all cases deemed to elect their home to their office. Multinational firms acting on behalf or on behalf of Canadian companies are deemed to elect domicile in Canada principal place of business of the contracting apparent.

For the execution of this contract, AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc. and its employees will be considered as acting as agents of the buyer.
Applying this principle, the buyer waives both its own name and on behalf of its insurers any recourse against AeroCanada Industries 770 Inc.